KIT 4 – for Yaesu G-800, G-1000, G-2700 and G-2800 series


1x Arduino Mega 2560 V3
1x TFT Display 4.3”
1x Arduino adapter board V1
1 set cable assembly prefab
1x relay board 4 relays
1x LAN-module
1x USB to TTL serial board
1x Rotary encoder
1x 5V DC-DC vonverter
1x Front panel 3D-PLA
1x PVC frontsticker
1x micro SD card
1x software license

Support request

    Antenna rotor controllers are important for rotating your antennas into the desired direction.

    Most antenna rotor controllers are simple, traditional devices with limited features. There are several intelligent controllers on the market today, but most of them are still limit in their features.

    Visual Rotor is a high-end antenna controller solution based on widely available, standard hardware. Users can decide themselves what features they like or need to rotate their antennas.

    Basically, Visual Rotor is capable to control any available antenna rotor system on the market. Regardless brand, type or power source.

    More4HAM is official distributor of Visual Rotor software. We support the Dutch, English and German language versions. All other languages are supported via Software updates are FREE of charge. Even if the contain new or extra features!

    More4HAM offers several kits with hardware, including the Software with a license. All the Standard hardware has been modified to make it easy to connect each interface to the Arduino Mega 2560 by using the special interconnection board. The prefab cable assemblies avoid a lot of soldering work and the risk of false connections.

    Our kits fit in most existing rotor controller housings. But this requires some mechanical work. In our YouTube video’s we show your how it’s done. Please visit our channel: Channel PA3VOS

    The G-8XXX kit contains the same parts as the extended kit. So also, LAN, com-port, and rotary encoder, the Newhaven display, and a special replacement front for rotors from Yaesu G-800, G-1000 and G-2800 series. The existing switchpanel can be moved to the replacement panel. We also designed a special sticker that fits on the new front. It can still also be controlled by the Android app. For details about the software please visit

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    Weight 0,500 kg

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